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UV Mano is a lightweight portable device that can sterilize all surfaces including soft furnishings. It can be used in areas that are difficult to clean like keyboards, telephones, crevices and other unreached areas. UV C Light source in UV Mano kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, germs, allergens.



UV Mano is a portable device powerful enough to sterilize any surface on a single swipe. UV Mano comes handy in a wide range of areas like restaurants, Hotel rooms, Offices etc. where frequent sterilization are needed.



UV Destro is a Compact box rigidly build that can disinfect any portable device in short time. UV Destro uses its in built powerful UVC Light that sterilize any object at 360 degree leaving no space for any contaminants. UV Destro can sterilize any personal products like ornaments, towels, mobile phones, headphones, Mask etc. Vegetables and fruits coming from markets can be sterilized using Destro.


UV Maestro is a commercial disinfection trolley that can do fast and efficient disinfection of large venues in short time. This device can do continues disinfection of air and can be used for sterilization of vertical and horizontal surface in very short time. The powerful uv c source of maestro can disinfect a surface within 1 second from a distance of 50 cm. This is the most powerful and fast sterilizer available in market now.


UV Globe is an equipment with powerful UVC source that can disinfect large factories, hospitals, auditoriums etc.…in short time. This come in 3 models 300W, 600W and 900W. UV Globe disinfect air and surface in confined areas . The machine can be operated using remote and are equipped with sensors that will switch off the light when any motion is detected


UV Air is a revolutionary germicidal product for air Sterilization for HVAC Ducts. It uses powerful UVC lamps form Germicidal irradiation that can kill 99.9 % microorganisms in air making it more breathable and safer. UV air is designed to fit in ducts and are easily serviceable. UV germicidal Irradiation leaves no residues and are very safe to use. UV air modules are custom made based on orders to fit into any existing and new ducts. It offers very less static resistance to air and will not affect fan efficiency of the fcu/ahu.

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