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UV Care is an industry – leading innovator of efficient and versatile UV-C based products and solutions based in Kochi, Kerala. UV Care develops pioneering Technologies and products for ultrafast and most effective Disinfection and sterilization products for Establishments and places where proper sanitization is needed. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), UV sterilization is one of the most promising methods for air, surface and water disinfection. Its our quest to innovate products and processes that would add further value to life and to the industry.

As the creator of UV-C based sterilization products, UV Care plays a vital role for many establishments in making the business open during Covid phase ensuring safety for their clients and employees thereby ensuring business continuity.

Our Breadth of products is unmatched, and our solutions are unequalled because, unlike others we have a huge experience in manufacturing customer centric products starting from Amusement park rides extending till MEP.

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Micro-organisms cause issues in various places in a clinical setting bacteria can cause dangerous outbreaks. Automated non – touch technologies [ UV Lamps] are good addition to cleaning practices, as it adds another layer of cleaning to clinical settings.


Water Disinfection means removal deactivation of pathogene microbes with the use of UV Water sterilization, bacteria could be controlled and reduced to a very low level. In order for a UV system to provide proper performance, there has to be sufficient dosage.


No- touch disinfection, also called ‘area disinfection’ is a means of disinfecting an enclosed space. This is done by placing the device in the patient’s room , operating room or other area, while the room is unoccupied and the device run for specified time (disinfection cycle).

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